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Can’t We All Get Along?

Dewormer Resistance Sparks FDA Request

The Need For Shelter For All Types of Horsepower

Top 10 Fundraising Tips For Equestrian Enterprises

Tips To Make Sure Your Modular Log Home Delivery is a Delight Not a Dilemma

Nikki Alvin-Smith

Editor's Welcome


There is much going on in the horse world this 2019 and everyone has plans to make it the best year ever. In this edition The Merry Band at the Catskill Horse thought you might like so help with any fundraising efforts you might have going on in this New Year so enjoy our feature on Top 10 Tips for Fundraising for Equestrian Enterprises with lots of hot ideas to help reach your goals.

We’re also bringing all horse owners up to speed on the recent FDA report on antiparasitic resistance that is emerging in the dewormer market. Included in this feature is some great advice directly from the ‘horse’s mouth,’ i.e. the FDA and some information on just how resistance to dewormers occurs. This is a hot topic and one every horse owner needs to know and address, whether ownership of one horse or a whole herd is involved.

Kim Sanford’s article, Can’t We All Get Along, takes a friendly poke at riders from different disciplines and will bring a few smiles to your face. It is true that equestrians as a whole need to stick together to ensure that our rights to trails and parklands, health products and rules for vaccinations and transport of our horses are all protected.

It’s always fun to take a look back at horses in history, and our feature on the replacement of the horse with the automobile, explains a bit about how the carriage house become a relic and the garage took its place and why. Many horse owners have expensive pick-up trucks, trailers and a myriad of equipment that needs shelter. This article gives a neat insight into how we have arrived where we are today in regard to structures and their uses on our properties.

With the trend of modular and prefabricated structure purchases, buildings that are seemingly instantly set up and ready to use, the factor of the actual delivery can have some folks worried and unduly stressed. The set up and delivery is actually much easier than you might think. If you are entertaining a building project that includes turning your parcel of land into a 2nd home, new farm or retirement residence, you’ll enjoy this opportunity to learn about what you do need to worry about and what you don’t in regard to happily bringing home your new home.

Tina Hammond strikes off on the matter of just who can become a horse trainer in the USA in our controversial Bit Between The Teeth column so don’t forget to go check out her thoughts on that topic. Catskill Horse welcomes letters from our readership and comments and suggestions are always welcome. Just recently we’ve received letters from California and Scotland, which clearly indicates our reach has become global!

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Vaccine Risks?

Here is some advice on what to look out for as your horse is administered vaccines this season. There have been reports of some serious adverse reactions this year, so be vigilant and ask your vet for their advice and specifically what adverse vaccine reports they have received through their channels.

It’s important to be able to distinguish between minor side effects and those reactions that warrant a call to your veterinarian.
Normal Responses
After intramuscular vaccination, it’s fairly common for horses to experience mild, temporary side effects for a few hours such as:
• Local muscle soreness or swelling
• Fatigue
• Fever
• Loss of appetite
• Lack of energy or alertness 
However, if the signs listed above last for more than 24 hours, you should consult your veterinarian as soon as possible to inform them of what is going on with the horse. This will allow your veterinarian to provide you with treatment advice and care instructions.
Causes for Possible Concern
Sometimes more serious side effects, and in some cases, life-threatening events, can occur, including:
• Hives
• Difficulty breathing
• Collapse
• Colic
• Swelling at the injection site several days post vaccination.
These more serious side effects are rare, but do require immediate consultation, and, in some cases, medical intervention.
Working with your veterinarian is the best way to ensure your horse is being evaluated based upon its particular needs. Many veterinarians follow the American Association of Equine Practitioners’ recommended guidelines for core vaccinations.  Veterinarians can also be helpful in determining the need for other risk-based vaccinations based on an assessment of your geographic threats and travel plans. They are also familiar with the proper handling and administering of vaccines, which is important because those handled improperly can actually become ineffective or may increase the risk of side effects.

CH note: This advice comes from a leading vaccine manufacturer and is provided in excerpts.

Careers in the Horse Industry
A Kind Offer.

Catskill Horse is pleased to have negotiated a special offer for its readers with the professional resume masters at Resume Specialist Services. Resume Specialist Services (RSS) will offer all Catskill Horse readers a special 10% discount off all their equine industry resume services. RSS

If you have just graduated from local equine studies programs, moved in to the area or find yourself without a job after years working in the industry due to the economic downturn then RSS can help. Resume packages are extremely reasonable. We thank them for the kind offer for our local equestrians. Please visit them at to learn more. Mention Catskill Horse at time of payment and they will refund you 10% of your package cost when they complete a powerful new resume for you.

As a specialist industry there are so many avenues in the horse world that there are probably careers you may not have even contemplated in your job search. Their packages include a one on one interview so your individual experience and skill sets can be analyzed and tips and ideas for new careers in the equestrian world are included. That's a sweet deal.

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